Email Notifications

The World we live in today moves at a greater speed than it ever has done, and it’s getting faster.

For this reason, everyone expects immediate gratification, quick service and prompt responses with this is mind we have tailored BLOCS to keep up.

Only The Important Stuff

We have streamlined the email notifications to better suit a Salons needs, so for example you will be notified of any cancelation, new booking, or message in the inbuilt chat.

Your clients will be notified of the messages too but more importantly whenever a new slot is made available to them and even when one is cancelled – so they can snatch it up quick.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Not only that but the notification emails you and your members receive, do not only contain the vital information but the important links directly to the associated alert. So for example, you will quickly be able to resolve a messenger query just by replying to the email or your member will in a single click of a link book a recently cancelled appointment.