Default Blowdry Club Terms and Conditions

Please see below Salon blocs Blowdry Club terms and conditions. These are default T&C and may vary slightly from salon to salon if you have any questions please contact your salon directly.

The Blowdry Club Membership

This is an UNLIMITED membership club. Members may book any number of appointments during their subscription period. However there are rules in place to make sure that all members receive a fair “allowance” – availability is also dictated by the businesses schedule.

Every member can “sign up” and check this availability before subscribing.


Club members may have a maximum number of 2 appointments booked at any one time.

Extensions to the 30 minutes will incur an additional fee of £10 per appointment.

Club Members who miss, cancel or move appointments without 48 hours notice will be charged a penalty fee of £10 instantly.

Standard appointments are a maximum of 30 minutes each.

Appointments provided within the membership may be a restricted or reduced version of the “à la carte” service.

Each Club member may bring one new friend for one appointment every month as part of their membership subject to availability of double blocks.

Payments for the membership Club will be automatically taken on the same day each month unless cancelled.

It is the responsibility of the club member to manage their own subscription.

Club Members can cancel their subscription at anytime via their profile page, card details will be kept on file for future renewal.

Appointments may not be swapped or exchanged with other members under any circumstances.

In the event of Non-payment of monthly subscription or penalty fee; club membership will be suspended immediately whilst further attempts are made to take the fee automatically. Membership will only be reinstated when full payment is successfully taken from the registered card. No compensation will be made for time missed during suspension or additional transaction fees.

The business to which you are registered and BLOCS do not offer refunds in any circumstance.

The business to which you are registered reserves the right to refuse service if members attend an appointment more than 10 minutes late.

Removal of card details from our system must be requested in writing to BLOCS (

There are no guarantees made of frequency or availability of appointments to members. During busier periods less availability will be given to club members.

Members may not select a preferred member of staff.

Communication regarding the membership club should be strictly conducted only through the blocs integrated messenger. The business will not be able to answer club related questions or requests by any other means.

Availability can be requested, however it is the sole discretion of the salon to answer these requests.

Messages exchanged through the membership chat may not contain any foul language or abuse.

The business to which you are registered and BLOCS reserve the right to suspend, refuse, or withdraw a membership without notice, at any time.