Cloud Based

Cloud Based Platform

When we first started our monthly membership scheme we used a host of web applications and websites to keep track of things, and along with nearly 50% of the globe we accessed them most of the time using a smart phone or tablet.

One of these online apps was our existing booking software which managed our salon diary, staff rota and online bookings, but the mobile interface was antiquated, cumbersome and lacked the features we needed if not using a PC.

Another issue we came across was connectivity, and accessing our online book wasn’t always possible, this made simple changes to the diary frustrating and difficult to manage.

Every Cloud (excuse the pun) has a silver lining

With this in mind when designing BLOCS we were very strict that it had to work on every device, fully, without compromise. So whether you are Android or Apple, Mac or PC, Chrome or Safari; BLOCS will work perfectly, with no reduction in features.

Being cloud based means BLOCS works anywhere in the world and with our previous experience we have ensured that businesses always have an up to date calendar in their pocket; by utilising the convenient Google Sync.

NOT A SMART PHONE FAN? – not to worry you can even have your daily calendar emailed to you every morning.