Control In Your Hands

Control In Your Hands

BLOCS is no ordinary booking software. It’s more like a set of rules, bundle with technology, which if followed will boost your business beyond all expectations.

One of those rules is that the business controls the diary, not the client.

Book online for client convenience

We love online booking software, who wouldn’t – you receive clients into your business without checking the diary, answering the phone, replying to a message or even lifting a finger.

Convenient right? Well not when Mrs Smith has booked her 30 minute appointment in the middle of a 45 min gap, leaving no room to fit anyone else in, it’s not!

This is where most fall down, and in our opinion what is wrong with the whole premise of making it more convenient for clients to book.

Have we lost control?

Yes there should be little friction to a client making a booking, but it’s your business and you should be deciding what works best.

Convenience is already focused in the clients direction with multiple ways to book an appointment through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apps, Online, Phone, and of course face to face. Managing all these outlets is however not convenient to the business and only adds to the workload.

Less stress, more efficiant

We didn’t want to be responsible for adding to this stress, and so BLOCS is focused on your convenience (the clients is secondary) You decide what time and date the clients can book and which team member they will be having, before they even make the appointment.

Other than giving you more control, it allows you to work effectively around your existing calendar.

You can fill the time slots which usually go unbooked, the team members who are new and have less clientele, the last minute cancellations and awkward spaces usually left behind.