Data Analytics

Data Analytics

As Salon owners who embrace technology we know the power of collecting and leveraging data. However from our experience with multiple client management software we found the offerings to be confusing and over featured.

This meant we avoided using the analytics, through lack of time to truly learn what would be most important to us.

Small Data

As small to medium business owners big data is no use to us, it is literally too complicated to handle. We need small data sorted into meaningful reports that can and should effect the way we work.

Built into BLOCS are a number of unique reports enabling you to fine tune how you as a business utilise the system.

Want to know who books the most appointments, or who takes the least – we got you.

Need to see patterns to know when the most effective time to open up a slot is (by the hour) – there’s a report for that too.

Personalised to BLOCS

These reports have been tailored by us for the purposes of our membership scheme, there aren’t any unwanted or unneeded analytics and the data drawn from these reports is systematically addressed in our Free BLOCS guide – which you receive on sign up.