Facebook Chat integration

Facebook Chat integration

Having your own fan club is every business owners dream.

Imagine a community of supporters actively engaging with your marketing, attending your events, promoting you to their friends and otherwise being the best customers you could ever wish for.

BLOCS can do that, and we are using a society shift to do it!

Crowd Psychology

We all know the term “Crowdfunding” where by a project or campaign is backed financially by a large group of individuals with often little to no return other than to see it succeed.

This has become ingrained in internet culture over the last few years, with $16.2bn raised globally and sites like kickstarter launching almost 400,000 ideas to market.

Needless to say when a group of people see, on mass, others following a chosen course of action, they follow that action.

Group Chat

Based on this idea we have integrated a group chat facility into BLOCS which closely mimics Facebook messenger. This feature will seem familiar and friendly to many of the BLOCS members and it will build a community spirit amongst those members, especially when encouraged to share news or celebrations.

Through crowd psychology, the chat feature will also empower the members to promote events, retail incentives, and social media shares.