To kick the membership off give up to 10 memberships in the first month – free.

To do this we suggest you run a Facebook Marketing Campaign to win 3 memberships and hand pick clients from your salon for the other 7 memberships. The Codes themselves can either be purchased via your blocs account ([your business name]) at full cost or at a discount via our online shop (

Release FB teasers in the first 2 weeks then on the third 3rd create a competition.
To build interest in your club release teaser on facebook a couple of weeks before you launch your competition. These should be along the lines of “Who would love a membership of unlimited pampering?”
Then on the third week launch your competition. Here are some tips:
  • Use video rather than image.
  • Set a tagging comp (eg “tag a friend that deserves…”)
  • Make it so that they must say “why”
  • Make it so they must share to the friend.

A Facebook ad/post will be promoted by FB algorithms if it gets:

  • Long comments
  • Shares with further engagement
  • Video that is viewed for 60 seconds or more
Below are examples of competitions ran by our members which you can copy. Remember to go back to the resource page and use imagery and videos from there to make you advert stand out.
Hand Pick the other 7
The other 7 you should hand pick yourself from your current client base. Choose clients who already promote you, who have links or relationships with other people you want in your club and who you think the club would suit. DO NOT PICK A BLOWDRY CLIENT.
The legal bit:

We must encourage you to run your facebook comp fairly and to cover your back – therefore please explain the rules of your comp in your competition T&Cs – or use ours HERE.

We also recommend you have these 10 members sign a contract of affiliation, where by they agree to provide testimonials, have photos taken in the salon, bring a friend to the double appointment etc

Here are the example posts for you:
Use this video for you first promotion…