Google Sync

Speed is essential

BLOCS is hosted on a super fast server, which automatically adds resources as the users of the application increase. To keep things simple this means as more businesses and customers join BLOCS, the system gets faster to accommodate; as a business you will never experience any delays when managing appointments and your clients will never feel any lag when booking them.

This is important –

So many of the scheduling softwares we tested were slow, really slow; so we knew BLOCS had to be better.

This super fast system mean we are able to comfortably integrate a Google 2 way Sync so that BLOCS can speak to lots of other booking software. So if using your existing software is more familiar, that’s fine too.

Slots can be booked out in any of the compatible booking systems and will automatically appear on BLOCS; ready for the clients to book – which of course then syncs back again.

Wait there’s more

Even if you are not already using Google sync with your software its a pretty good idea you do – so that on that busy Saturday with a shop full of clients, when your salon software goes down – you have a backup schedule to follow.