Marketing Guide

How to attract new clients to your salon, and convert them into loyal members of your super fan club.

Let’s start with the bad news:

Put another way, in 3 years you may well lose around half of your salon client base.


In this post we will show you 5 tactics to market your business to potential new clients. Combine these ideas with your membership program and you can easily:

  • ATTRACT new business
  • BUILD your customer base
  • GROW your salon
  • REAP the rewards

Sound amazing? Here we go…

Salons that succeed in attracting a constant flow of new clients do these 5 things very well:

  1. Target the right type of new clients.
  2. Piggyback on local businesses’ marketing,
  3. Dominate on Google.
  4. Get recommended.
  5. Make salon social count.


1. Target your ideal new client

This is one of the most common salon marketing mistakes.

Salon entrepreneurs throwing time, money and resources at attracting the wrong type of new client.

Your ideal client is not:

Anyone who walks through your salon door prepared to pay you money.

Absolutely not.

Your ideal client is:

The person who is the perfect fit for your salon or clinic’s:

  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Client experience
  • Talents and strengths

If you want to grow your hair or beauty business profitably then target these ideal clients. And only these clients.

Why? Because your ‘ideal client’:

  • loves the treatments you offer
  • buys regularly from you
  • is easy to service
  • keeps referring you to their friends

And therefore these ‘ideal clients’ are highly profitable.

Why would you want discount chasing, awkward, time-sapping clients when you can have clients who love what you offer and spend their money freely with you?

You don’t want them.

So don’t market your salon to them.

Focus your new client marketing effort on targeting your ideal clients. They will convert into loyal clients more quickly and easily. And that’s what you want.


Carry out a client audit – identify your most profitable clients and focus your marketing on them.

Chances are that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your clients.

What’s more you will most likely see that once identified this 20% contains 90% of your most loyal clients too – These 20% are your ideal customers.

To discover your spa or salon’s ideal client profile, list out your top 20% of highest spending clients. If you have salon software this is a standard report, otherwise a spreadsheet is handy.

Now study these clients for common traits: age, social demographics, choice of service, geographical location.

Are they affluent 40+ women, local yummy mummies, price-conscious, image-driven under 30’s, professionals who work around the corner or loyal seniors? Which treatments do they have? Do they visit at certain times? How often do they recommend? Which therapist do they ask for?

Create a detailed profile of your ideal client. Really get to know them and what they value and love about your spa.


Using this ideal client profile tailor your entire marketing, your brand positioning and customer journey to “speak” to these ideal clients.

Avoid trying to appeal to everyone: it just doesn’t work. Focus your marketing on your ideal clients.

The ones that make you more profit. More easily. More often.


2.Work with local businesses and introduce yourself to their customers.



Networking used to be scary, awkward and time consuming. Especially those networking breakfast meetings; no one wants to get up that early to exchange business cards.

But those days are gone. Phew.

Instead harness the formidable networking power of social media. The advent of social media has meant business people are more willing to engage. To chat. To share ideas on how we can all work together.

But how?

For B2C marketing we think facebook networking is best. Adding yourself to all the local pages allows you to stumble across local business owners and strike up new friendships.

For B2B marketing use linkedin or twitter to easily network and slide into business chat.

But use the social channel you feel most comfortable and confident with to find new chums locally.

Then team up and help each other. You piggy-back on their marketing activity and seduce their loyal customers. They do likewise.

Here are the 5 steps to a successful salon marketing partnership – utilising your new membership scheme:

Step one: Buddy with the right partners for maximum new business

Sounds obvious, but look for businesses which either target the same customer audience as you or who have that audience in their team.

Step two: Attract new salon or spa clients with a persuasive offer

Your offer is not a freebie. You already have a high value service in your arsenal to offer – use it!

This will be a cohesive relationship, and you are looking to capitalise on them promoting you, in the same way they benefit too.

When it comes to promotion there are few industries that have the footfall of a salon so the prospective business will do well to partner with you – not only this but you are providing a service that leaves your clients, LOOKING AND FEELING GREAT; something any business owner would ant for their team members.

So either target businesses with large footfalls or large work forces, like call centres, insurance brokers and local schools to promote your services to their team instead of their customers.


Step three: Explain how both businesses stand to gain new clients

Explain how a partnership could thank and reward their clients, while opening up new markets for both of you.

Invite your potential partner to a single treatment of your chosen membership service – if it’s a blowdry club; book them in with the best stylist, ensure the junior takes extra time at the back wash, give them an extra big slice of cake with their coffee.

Let them experience just how ‘wow’ your salon is, and the amazing value your membership would be.


Step four: First impressions are key to attracting new clients

Get a designer or salon marketing agency to write and design the marketing materials you want your new business partner to use. Or do it yourself using the templates we have provided.

The one thing you do not want is their sloppy Facebook posts, website offers missing vital terms and conditions or repelling the very client you have worked hard to target.


Step five: The right marketing tools for the job

Promote yourself to their clients. And vice versa.

  • Promote your offer on their website
  • Give your leaflets out to their clients
  • Post your offer on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Pop promotional posters up in their premises
  • Promote your salon offer via their e-newsletter

And then return the marketing compliment.

If it’s B2C remember it needs to be a win-win experience for both businesses. If you are servicing their employees though keep giving quality and value – colleagues will soon air any disgruntled opinions with each other and you may lose the whole team.


3.Dominate on Google if you want new clients

Let’s start with three simple questions…

  • Do you know where your salon website currently ranks in Google?
  • Does your website deserve to rank highly?
  • Do potential new clients bounce from your site never to return?

To attract new clients you must rank highly

And if you want new clients to discover your salon online then you must rank highly on Google. There is no option. Nothing.

If you want to be the first website potential clients see when they’re searching on their phones for a new salon then you need to continually invest too. It won’t just happen.

Your salon’s website needs:

  • A cracking design.
  • Targeted, new content.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
We suggest as a bare minimum you get a website audit completed by an experienced professional. Use to hire a free lancer to do this for you.
Post a job asking for a set fee for improving your design, content and SEO and compare all those who bid for the job based on their expertise, portfolio and feedback.

Don’t want to hire a professional?

Here’s the tick list for your website, you can make these changes yourself…

  • Is your website mobile friendly? Can new clients view it clearly on their phone?
  • Keep the design attractive, simple and easy to navigate. Clutter is confusing.
  • Include a price guide page – it’s the 3rd most visited page for salon websites.
  • Is your phone number prominent on every page? Potential new clients won’t bother to search for it tucked away in your website footer.
  • Make that first visit easy for new clients – shout about late-night or Sunday opening.
  • Make a good first impression. Avoid poor copywriting, spelling and grammatical mistakes – they reflect poorly on your hair or beauty salon.
  • Include calls to action to encourage prospective clients to choose your “Call now, phone to book, enter now”.
  • Offer online booking. Most salon software systems offer this option. Be open 24/7.
  • Start a monthly blog with hair & beauty tips, trends and advice. It’ll help you rank higher on Google and entice potential clients to visit your site.
  • Measure your results with Google Analytics (it’s free, what are you waiting for…). You want a healthy balance between new visitors (prospective customers) and returning ones.

4.Recommendation is vital to gaining new salon clients

A recent client survey at Barrie Stephens’ hairdressing salons revealed 74% of clients felt recommendation was the most important factor when choosing a hair salon.

New research from BABTAC shows clients are twice as likely to try a new treatment if friends or family members recommend it, rather than their beauty therapist. When asked what inspired them to try a new beauty treatment…

Make them feel good if you want them to introduce their friends.

So what makes a loyal client willing to stick their neck out and recommend your salon to their nearest and dearest?

You need to make them feel fabulous about themselves. Wow them. And inspire a sense of trust in your clients.

This last one, trust, is often overlooked.

Trust is fundamental to getting new client recommendations

Your clients must feel confident that if they recommend you, their friends will have that same great experience.


Salon referral schemes – we’re on the fence

Salon referral schemes work great for some businesses but somewhere along the line you will most likely need to offer some kind of discount – which we are totally against.

It may bring a new client through the door, who may come back again – but is this really the type of client you want?

I the client returns it’s likely they see the “value” in the service you provided, but when they pay the full price o the next visit, will they still see the value?

From our own experience clients who enter your salon based on a price reduction, will not stick around long, will cause you more stress and negativity and will not promote you – just saying.

BUT using your membership for client referrals is genius.

Instead of the traditional pattern, offer your members the opportunity to bring a new friend once a month – free of charge.

Imagine now that you have 50 members – if you get this right that is a potential 50 new clients through your door every single month.

Yes these clients are on a freebie but as no money has changed hands they have not associated that service with a monetary value, and when they return they will so based on the experience they had – not the price they paid.


Attracting new clients doesn’t stop at their first salon visit

The big day has arrived. After all that marketing effort your new client arrives for their first appointment.

Don’t blow this golden opportunity you’ve worked so hard for. Ensure they feel super-special. Because if you don’t they’re unlikely to give you another chance. And you’re back to square one.

It’s simple stuff – not rocket science: let them leave your salon, looking and feeling fantastic.


5.Use social media to build your salon client base

Social media is an ever changing entity that we couldn’t do justice to in this static guide, we will be posting updates on our website on the best and most current procedures but for now here’s a standard list of ideas.

How to turn social media into a new client sales tool:

  • As with your salon website you need to look good on Facebook and create the right first impression. A messy scrapbook of salon gossip and out of focus photos is not going to entice prospective customers to pick up the phone and book.
  • Ensure your various social profiles are search engine optimised to help you get found.
  • Just because you can do social media yourself doesn’t mean it shouldn’t use professionals from time to time. Take a look at the big salon chains and understand how much time, effort and money they devote to making their Facebook look and sound professional. They understand the power of a strong online social media marketing strategy.
  • OK, so you’re on a tight marketing budget – how can you achieve this? Bring in professional help for specific campaigns to target new clients. For example, use Facebook campaigns and contests to collect email addresses – then promote your salon direct to the inbox of your competitors’ clients. Month in month out.
  • Make it personal. Reply to comments, natter on facebook and twitter, make new contacts on LinkedIn, post regular brand focused images on instagram. To get results on social media you have to work at the detail. You have to engage.

Good luck – now go turn those hoards of new clients into SUPER FANS using your salon membership!