No trial, no limits; we do not want your money – we want your client’s instead.

As Salon owners cash has never been a problem for us, how it flows on the other hand always is.

With wages, stock, equipment, marketing, rent, gas, electricity etc – Salon Software costing thousands of pounds upfront is not worth thinking about. So when we were creating BLOCS we chose to waive all the usual fees and instead charge your clients to use it.

10% Of Every Member

After much deliberation we decided upon 10% as a fair margin for ourselves. You are free to charge your club members whatever you want per month but we receive 10% of that figure. Even better news is that we receive it directly from them and you receive the other 90% from them too, this keeps both our books nice and tidy.

Automatic Monthly Payments

This is done through BLOCS’ unique built in payment gateway. Each and every month your members will be automatically charged their membership fee, at which point it is split instantly and paid into your bank account.

It is safe and secure and can be stopped at any time by either you or your members.