Super easy to use Salon Membership software

Salons, no matter how large or small all face the same dilemmas; filling seats, attracting loyal customers and creating repeat business – to name a few.



These are some of the problems I was facing at my salon, Emma Hellier, for quite some time. We had reached a limit on how many clients we could seem to get through the door, we were busy but still plagued by the same issues:

  • Staff recruitment 
  • Client attraction  
  • Client loyalty 
  • Filling dead time 
  • Integrating new staff 
  • Upselling products 
  • Creating Client Ambassadors

Salon Blocs

That is when I decided to start the #EHBlowDryClub – a blowdry membership program with a specific set of rules.

In the first month I offered 10 memberships for free as I wasn’t sure if anyone would go for it.

But 12 months on, we had 60 members and a huge waiting list. Our members pay a monthly fee and receive unlimited appointments!



But the devils in the details and the control is completely in the hands of the salon.

The small monthly membership fee might not appeal to a lot of salon owners but the increased foot traffic and customer interaction provided remarkable room for upselling and converting more services to the customers.

I was able to double my staff and business in less than a year with a huge list of raving fans and a lot more looking to join the club.

Although at first, the system was time-consuming and complicated we didn’t hold back.

That’s when we decided to create our own Salon Membership management software that not only automates the entire process of creating and managing memberships but is super easy to use for salon owners and their members too.

This gave birth to Salon Blocs, which simplifies the system for all salon owners to control their club, their way.

Salon Blocs is designed to provide, a ridiculously easy way to setup and manage, a membership plan in any salon. Whether it’s a hair, nail or all in one beauty salon, Salon Blocs provides a simple way to create and manage effective memberships.

  • Compatible with many salon software or can be used with a traditional appointment book.
  • Can be accessed anywhere via the internet ( it’s cloud-based)
  • Invoices your members automatically each month.
  • Allows your members to choose from spaces you have pre-approved.
  • Alerts your members to last-minute spaces through Facebook style Messenger.
  • Helps your business grow from the very first member.
  • Charges you a percentage per member, rather than a set monthly fee allowing flexibility for your cash flow.

Automate the entire system

Not only is Salon Blocs super easy and helpful to use for Salon Owners but also for their members. With just a few clicks any member can see available slots each day/week

And almost instantly, book their appointment with your salon.

Regardless of the size, type, budget or location, Salon Blocs can be used by any Salon

And coming from my personal experience, having a salon membership is a MUST HAVE for any salon, looking to grow big and quick. Every salon owner wants their seats to be always occupied and Salon Blocs can make that happen for you.

To understand more about Salon Blocs, signup for a free account and test drive this amazingly simple and powerful software for your Salon.

Is your salon ready to make more money, build new clients and recruit more staff?