Simple Calendar Display

Simple Calendar Display

BLOCS is designed with simplicity in mind before all else. As business owners in the service industry, we know how crucial time is and yet it’s one commodity we waste needlessly every single day.


We spent a year running our own in house membership scheme, utilising both Facebook chat messenger and Paypal recurring payments, along with a few vital rules. This scheme was hugely successful, doubling our turnover in those 12 months and allowing us to hire twice as many staff.


Although that year was great, more than great – it propelled our business further in 12 months than in the previous 10 years; it came at a price.

TIME – the manual system was time hungry. Working in this way meant someone had to be on call at all times, keeping one eye on the appointment book and one eye on facebook chat. We had 60 club members, all receiving 6 appointments on average per month – that’s 360 appointments to discuss, schedule and manually book in.

This easily led to more than 3 hours spent every day of the week, just to accommodate the membership scheme, on top of managing regular clients, organising a team of staff and managing a busy hair salon.

This experience taught us a lesson; we had to find a way to keep this revenue stream but reduce the time impact. We accomplished this with BLOCS.

Point and click

We have kept the appointment management and booking system in a simple, quick and easy to use calendar interface.

We are not re-inventing the wheel here, but it was important to us that both our business members and their clients found the booking process familiar and intuitive. For the business, making a slot available to book is as simple as point and click and for the client booking that appointment is the same process.

No need to search for clients, or services, or team members.