What is a Blowdry Club?
and how will it benefit my salon?

When we talk about a blowdry club what we really mean is a salon membership scheme which allows it’s club members access to UNLIMITED monthly blowdries for a single monthly fee.

The simplicity is what’s important. A Blowdry club is not a “book 6 get the 7th free” nor is it a “pay upfront and get X% off” and it is most certainly not a reckless discount.
It’s an all you can eat buffet of blowdries.

Let’s think about that for a second. As a salon owner it sounds scary; it sounds like money down the pan.

But a buffet restaurant is a proven business model used to turn huge profits for both independent and chain organisations the world over.

Just like a buffet – all you can eat – model, a salon owner must use a strategy to ensure their bottom line is protected and a profit is made.

We all expect a smaller plate and limited selection at our local Chinese buffet.

Salons wanting to utilise the benefits of a blowdry club, must enforce restrictions too if they want to make the “UNLIMITED” club financially viable.

More over, rather than just viable, using similar techniques to the buffet business model salons open themselves up to greater opportunities for upselling, cross promoting, easy marketing and huge profitability.

At BLOCS we believe we have produced not only the perfect business model; which protects the salon’s interests through clever restrictions, but also feature rich software, which automates and simplifies the blowdry club plan.

We perfected this model and software ourselves in our salon, where we are able to restrict our members to limited availability, selected team members and to non-premium spaces.

Keeping to our plan and using our software, members take up little to no administration time, driving even greater profitability.

Further, our members visit on average 5-6 times per month, giving our team 9 times the opportunities to up sell (compared to normal frequency of visits) without effecting any other service.

If these benefits weren’t enough, how about  a guaranteed, consistent monthly income, easier recruitment, loyalty enforced by pack mentality and a unique marketing opportunity.